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Aradia - Gospel of the Witches


A Spell to Win Love.

When a wizard, a worshipper of Diana, one who worships the Moon, desires the love of a woman, he can change her into the form of a dog, when she, forgetting who she is, and all things besides, will at once come to his house, and there, when by him, take on again her natural form and remain with him. And when it is time for her to depart, she will again become a dog and go home, where she will turn into a girl. And she will remember nothing of what has taken place, or at least but little or mere fragments, which will seem as a confused dream. And she will take the form of a dog because Diana has ever a dog by her side.

And this is the spell to be repeated by him who would bring a love to his home.

(The beginning of this spell seems to be merely a prose introduction explaining the nature of the ceremony)

Today is Friday, and I wish to rise very early, not having been able to sleep all night, having seen a very beautiful girl, the daughter of a rich lord, whom I dare not hope to win. Were she poor, I could gain her with money; but as she is rich, I have no hope to do so. Therefore will I conjure Diana to aid me.

Diana, beautiful Diana! Who art indeed as good as beautiful, By all the worship I have given thee, And all the joy of love which thou hast known, I do implore thee to aid me in my love! What thou wilt 'tis true Thou canst ever do: And if the grace I seek thou'lt grant to me, Then call, I pray, they daughter Aradia, And send her to the bedside of the girl, And give that girl the likeness of a dog,

And make her then come to me in my room, But when she once has entered it, I pray That she may reassume her human form, As beautiful as e'er she was before, And may I then make love to her until Our souls with joy are fully satisfied. Then by the aid of the great Fairy Queen And of her daughter, fair Aradia, May she be turned into a dog again, And then to human form as once before!

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