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Astrological Signs
and their

Here is an interesting twist to the normal astrological correspondences that you would usually find on other sites. Here I have included a table on possible compatible careers for your particular zodiac sign. I have only named a mere few, as this list would be infinite in possiblities.

Astrological Careers

 Aries  Fire  Military, Explorer  Lawyer, Teacher
 Taurus  Earth  Investor, Stock  Craftsman, Labourer
 Gemini  Air  Writer, Electronics  Arbitraguer
 Cancer  Water  Property, Clerical  Psychiatry, Physiology
 Leo  Fire  Lawyer, Teacher  Big-Animal Farmer
 Virgo  Earth  Craftsman  Banker, Economist
 Libra  Air  Arbitraguer, Chef  Musician, Homemaker
 Scorpio  Water  Psychiatry  Medical, Clergy, Detective
 Sagittarius  Fire  Farmer, Vet  Military, Exploration
 Capricorn  Earth  Banker, Finances  Investor, Stock Analyst
 Aquarius  Air  Musician, Artist  Writer, Electronics
 Pisces  Water  Medical, Clergy  Real Estate, Detective