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Ayurvedic Philosophy


According to Sankhya, behind creation there is a state of pure existence or awareness, which is beyond time and space, has no beginning nor end, and no qualities. Within pure existence there arises a desire to experience itself, which results in disequilibrium and causes the manifestation of primordial physical energy.

This energy is the creative force of action, a source of form that has no qualities. Matter and energy are closely related; when energy takes form, we tend to think of it in terms of matter rather than energy. The primordial physical energy is imponderable and cannot be described in words alone. The most subtle of all energies, it is modified until ultimately our familiar mental and physical world manifests itself.

Pure existence and primordial energy unite for the dance of creation to happen. Pure existence is simply "observing" this dance. Primordial energy and all that flows from it cannot exist except in pure existence or awareness.

Primordial energy gives rise to cosmic consciousness or intelligence, which is the universal order that pervades all life. Your individual intelligence, or your own Higher Self, which is different from your everyday intellectual mind, is derived from and is part of this cosmic consciousness. It is your "Inner Wisdom", the part of your individuality that cannot be swayed by the demands of daily life.