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Healing with Tones


In many Pagan Traditions, we all know that sound, or energy vibrations, can be used in chants and toning, which have an extraordinary ability to heal and can magically change the future. They can also be used to bring on trance~like states. Here are a few examples of how tones can be incorporated into the healing process. Another names for it is "Audiomancy".


Healing Tones

 Headaches, Migraine, Measles  A-um  Low, quiet
 Boils, Skin problems  Aye-oh  Very high, wailing
 Colds and Flu, Jaundice  Yah-weh  Medium, flowing
 Diabetes, Constipation, Palsy  Ho-mm  Medium, flowing
 Menstrual problems, Fatigue  Gay-ah  Low resonant hum
 Impotence, Anemia, Arthritis  Elu-lu  High, sharp


If you need a chant for another problem, meditate on it,
and the chant to use, will come to you.