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Who We Are


I was talking to my eldest brother, who is a religious man himself, and he asked me about being a pagan. He asked me if I was part of the good or the bad.

This found me taken aback. You see, he is not of my path, and he knew not of any such faith. I was surprised at his lack of knowledge and understanding of other religions outside his own.
I tried to explain in words that would be easy for him to understand, and this is what I said:

"We are not a bad people, it is the people who see us that judge us, through their fear and their misunderstanding of us.

They do not know us, for we are pure of soul, and we are proud of heart. We are attuned to nature and to all of her cycles.

We are a spiritual people just like those who walk around us and those who walk with us on this Earth, and in this life. We believe in "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust".

We are a spiritual family, as too are those around us.

We do no harm, and we always act from our own highest good, and for the good of all.

We are not bad people and nor is our faith bad, for you see we are all part of the Infinite Cycle.


Blessed Be!


For we are a part of the Infinite Cycle