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Pagan Scriptures


A Goddess Litany....

Chapter 1

  1. In the beginning was the Light and all things that were, are,and shall be were in the Light. The Light is The Creators, our God and Goddess.
  2. And the Light said, Let there be life, and the reverberating vibrations of Their voices caused the creation of the universes.
  3. And the worlds were created and in them were the elements of life; fire, water, air and earth. And the evolution of life began. This was the beginning of ages and cycles of ages.
  4. And within the Light were every soul of every creature great and small, and these souls are the Children of the Light.
  5. And the Light said, We shall send Our Children out and they shall live, love, learn, and experience as they begin their journey.
  6. They shall seek to become Perfect, just as We are Perfect.
  7. The Light said, When they have become Perfect, they shall return unto Us and We shall receive them in unto Us.
  8. And they shall be likened unto Us, and then if they desire, they shall go no more out.
  9. And in the attainment of this Divine Perfection, We shall give to Our Children those things that they need to fulfill the journey.
  10. There should not be put upon them more than they can endure.
  11. Should they not attain this Perfection in one life, We shall give them another. But between these lives, they shall rest and learn...
  12. Study their mistakes and the lessons from the previous lives.
  13. Should they require ten lives, We shall give it to them for the attainment of Perfection.
  14. Should they require seventy lives, We shall give it to them.
  15. Should they require one hundred and twenty-five lives, We shall give it.
  16. It matters not to Us how many lives that We should give to them as long as they do return to Us.
  17. For We send Our Children out and We shall not lose one of them. For they are Our Children.
  18. Love from love, Light from Light, We love them and not one shall be lost.

Chapter 2

  1. In the beginning there was the Light and all things that have been, are, and shall be were in the Light.
  2. Every soul that exists now existed then and the Light wished that each and every soul would go out, become perfect, live, love, and experience and then return of their own free will to Them.
  3. And the Light said, We shall send them out, who shall be the first?
  4. And I, the Lady Danu, an humble child, one of the First Born, stepped before Them and said, Allow me. If I fail, it will be nothing as long as You reach out and take me by the hand to bring me back into Yourselves, Great Mother and Father.
  5. Then They said, Go, and I went into the void and it was cold and I knew from the beginning that my voyage and everything I knew, every word and deed, would bring me again back to the Light.
  6. That I should do nothing that would make me fail this task.

Chapter 3

  1. Therefore, I left the Light and felt the cold, the loneliness. And the lights of the world could not begin to shine as brightly and joyfully as the Light of Lights.
  2. I had only known the comforts of the Father and the Mother, the Light, being in Their presence, knowing Their love and Their peace.
  3. Therefore, I went down and took a body and through these incarnations I came to feel good and bad, to know suffering and pain, to feel the bite and sting of the serpent and scorpion.
  4. I came to know sickness and disease, feel the pangs of hunger and the exhaustion of labor. I experienced all manner of life in these incarnations.
  5. I came to understand time and age and the body's vulnerability to them. And in this way, lived a lifetime of years, and my spiritual and physical evolution began.
  6. And my Father and Mother, the Light, looked down upon me and seeing my pain and suffering said, This is enough.
  7. We will not allow Our Children to remain in this body and suffer beyond their strength.
  8. Then They said to me, Come, We will make for you a realm where you will find peace and comfort and where you may study and come to understand the experiences of this life and We will place this realm between Ourselves and these worlds.
  9. We shall not let Our Children suffer beyond their means in one life, nor evolve through several lives without rest. Therefore shall they live, learn, and experience for a time and then seek the comfort of this realm before continuing the attainment of Perfection.
  10. Therefore shall the souls leave their bodies to seek rest and comfort and to seek understanding that they may attain a higher perfection in their next life.
  11. Therefore, I, the Lady Danu, left the body and entered the realm of comfort that the Light had created for me.
  12. This was the beginning for us all.
  13. Soon thereafter my second journey began, not as my first alone, but with a second spark who would come to be my consort who has been known as Pan, Bel, Belize.
  14. And together we would change as the evolution of life continued.

Chapter 4

  1. The Mother and Father of all Life said, Our Children shall experience all manner of living and learning.
  2. There will be nothing that they shall not experience.
  3. For it is only in experiencing all these lives in every manner thereof that they shall grow and attain spiritual Perfection.
  4. We are the Light, yet it is only through Our Children that We see Our own Light.
  5. What they experience, We experience, what they suffer, We suffer.
  6. They take Us with them and they are the sparks of Our essence and Our power.
  7. In the world they should not hide this Light that the Light shall shine through them to the others, as a constant reminder of their origin.
  8. They shall know that they are the Children of the Light, and the sons and daughters of the Gods and Goddesses.
  9. The first one hundred sparks to leave us shall be called the First Born, these shall be Gods and Goddesses to those that follow.

Chapter 5

  • Within the Light there are masculine aspects and feminine aspects.
  • The Light is the greatest of the deities, the Creator, The All One.
  • Yet It is Two, even so, It is One.
  • This is the First, This is the Creator.
  • The Absolute Deity in both aspects.
  • This is the Great Mother and Great Father of All Life.
  • And from the Light came the First Born and these First Born Sparks went out from the Light, life forms developed and the evolution of life slowed after a time within cycles of ages.
  • Thereafter, They became Perfect and returned unto the Light.
  • They, the First Born, we know as Gods and Goddesses, The Lords and Ladies of the Light.
  • They are known to us by many names, including: Adonis; Aida-Wedo; Ammut; Amun; Aphrodite; Apollo; Artemis; Astarte; Bacchus; Barron Samedhi; Bast; Brigantia; Buddha; Cernunnos; Cerridwin; Chiron; Coventina; Damballah; Danu; Diana; Dionysus; Durga; Enlil; Erzulie; Freya; Gwydion; Gwynn Ap Nudd; Hera; Hermes; Horus; Isis; Jesus; Junos; Kali-Ma; Krishna; Maha-Lakshmi; Marduk; Min; Morrigu; Mut; Nekhbet; Nergal; Odin; Osiris; Pan; Papa-Legba; Priapus; Ra; Sekhmet; Shiva; Tammuz; Thoth; Thor; Venus; Vishnu; Woden; Zeus; The Crone, and many others.
  • These Lords and Ladies, Gods and Goddesses all, shall remain until the end of this Cycle of Light.
  • When the last of the children of these ages return unto the Light..
  • Then shall the Lords and Ladies, the Gods and Goddesses, of this Cycle of Light also return for their rest and their reward.
  • It is their decision to remain in the Light of Lights or to return in the new cycle as Gods and Goddesses for that new age.
  • And all sparks left the Light and the Light became the sum total of the individual sparks.
  • Therefore, the sparks are the Light; the Light being within each individual spark. And only when all sparks attain Perfection shall the Light be made whole again.
  • For we are the Light, Gods and Goddesses, the Creators. And the Light shall not be whole until each spark returns to Perfection, which is their origin.

Chapter 6

  • Although all souls have issued from the Light, each has its own separate identity.
  • Each an individual with its own paths.
  • Therefore, let there be no condemnation from one soul to the other that they judge one another in their paths in their chosen identities.
  • For each soul must learn a lesson and experience new things.
  • What is right for one soul may not necessarily be right for another at the present time.
  • Therefore, let all souls feel free to experience and live as is needed in their attainment to Divine Perfection.
  • Each individual must follow the path that is best for them lest experiences be lost and times be wasted by following after the attained experiences others have set before them.

Chapter 7

  1. During these lives, Our Children may honor Us.
  2. They shall burn incense and speak words of their hearts and We shall hear Our Children.
  3. We shall watch them and know they are attaining the Perfection that they require to return unto Us.
  4. They shall in no means destroy blood life to burn as sacrifices unto Us.
  5. They shall take no blood life to give to Us in any manner.
  6. No, there shall be no blood sacrifices, but only the sacrifice of herb and incense.
  7. The sacrifice that We enjoy most is one of seeing karmic harmony and life being lived well, not the taking of life, nor the letting of blood.
  8. Therefore, you shall burn no sacrifice of blood nor creature unto Us, nor offer sacrifice of blood or life.
  9. For Our sacrifice is that We must send Our children away from Us that they may attain Perfection. 10. As Our will, so be it.

Chapter 8

  1. Our Children are love and Light and they know what they need in the attainment of Perfection, for they carry with them Our essence and Our knowledge of what must be attained.
  2. They have free choice and free will in the experiences and the attainment of this Perfection.
  3. And the whole of the law is this
  4. An ye harm none, do what ye will.
  5. All of the laws are summed up in this.
  6. Again We say, An ye harm none, do what ye will.
  7. For this is the path of love and Light, that you harm none.
  8. We are love and Light.
  9. Love is the law and love is the bond.
  10. And when you have needs, speak unto the Gods and Goddesses and ask what you will.
  11. Should the requests not hinder your karma or the karma of others, nor change it in any way
  12. And if you have no doubt and send forth your Light and your vibrations, and your receptive influences...
  13. Directing them to do your will, they shall help you to achieve your goal...
  14. If they do not go against your karmic wheel, nor cause a falling away of the goals and tasks set by you prior to your incarnation into this life.
  15. And We send Our Children out not empty, but they carry with them Our Light and Our love and all this power is given to them that they may go out and experience, live, love, and learn.
  16. And these powers are theirs to use if they will upon each path.
  17. And Our Children, they know Our way and they should seek to travel those paths which will bring them to Perfection.
  18. Knowing that they shall return unto Us.

Chapter 9

  1. There are some souls who upon their journeys tend to forget the serenity and love, the comfort and fulfillment and perfection they had in the Light.
  2. And that to the Light they should return for Perfect peace, love, and harmony throughout eternity.
  3. These distressed souls We at times call malicious ones.
  4. For some of them do tend to take that path.
  5. In the attainment of Perfection, let us not forget from whence we came.
  6. Let us not forget that for which we strive.
  7. Let there be no taking of life unnecessarily.
  8. Let there be no wickedness that your thought, word, or deed should harm another.
  9. For every soul is precious to Us and We would have none of Our Children come to harm by the hands of another of Our Children.
  10. Therefore, do not move in wickedness to perform the things that would cause harm or injury to another of Our Children.
  11. But instead, move upon your paths in love.
  12. For in this path is Perfect Light, in this path you will attain joy and Perfection.
  13. Therefore, seek to do good among the Children of the Light, your brothers and sisters, and should you see them at the side in pain and suffering...
  14. Receive them into your heart, lift them up and in this way, karma shall be satisfied.

Chapter 10

  • And the Child of the Light you have helped along the way may repay this karma, lifting you up when you are down in pain and suffering.
  • The karmic wheel of life is forever turning, ever just in its way.
  • Therefore, do not allow yourself to worry and to wonder over the things of this life that you may or may not have.
  • For in past lives, you may have had them.
  • Or in future lives you may attain them.
  • Find peace in what you have or have not yet attained. For in this, you may achieve a goal you set for yourself to reach prior to this incarnation.
  • And do not worry yourself of the body that you now live in. For you yourself have chosen every aspect of this life, even to the body you now use, for the fulfillment of your personal karma, and many times, for the payment of a karmic debt.
  • Therefore find peace in all these things and joy in the knowledge that your karma is being fulfilled and you are rising to higher levels of Perfection.
  • There is no true happiness, no fulfillment and completion of being until one has walked into the Light, attaining Divine Perfection. Being One with the Light is the only true source of joy and fulfillment.
  • These words are true and old and have been written by the Light of Lights.
  • They have existed since the beginning of time.

Chapter 11

  1. Remember karma: That which you sow in one life shall be reaped in subsequent ones.
  2. We are the sum total of our experiences with each thought, word, and deed; we are presently constructing the person that we are to become.
  3. Life after life, striving to attain the Perfect. Striving to become One again with the Light.
  4. Life after life.
  5. For it has been written: As a man casting off worn out garments taketh new ones.
  6. So is the dweller in the body casting off worn out bodies entering into others that are new.
  7. For sure is the death of him that is born and sure the birth of him that is dead.
  8. Therefore over the inevitable, thou shouldest not grieve.
  9. Strive to attain that Perfection in each life.
  10. The Light has made a vow to Their children.
  11. They that overcome will They make as unto a pillar of strength in the Temple of the Light.
  12. They that overcome shall need no more to go out.
  13. He that endures to the end of striving shall become Perfect and become One with the Light.
  14. These are the words of the Light.
  15. Sacred vows to all souls who have issued from the Light.
  16. Blessed be the Light.

Chapter 12

  1. There are many of whom we shall meet in the course of our lives who would benefit from an encounter with us.
  2. Always be ready to help another in ways that you can.
  3. Don't ignore them or look the other way when you know that you have the ability to comfort or assist.
  4. And in this way, so should you help others, except that in doing so would bring yourself or others to harm.
  5. In this matter, one should use wisdom.
  6. At the same time, do not seek to take charge of another individual's life.
  7. All have their own lives to live.
  8. However, if you are able to give help or advice to point the way to raise someone up, then do so.
  9. For this is the law of the Light.
  10. As it has been written, so it has been said, An ye harm none, do what ye will.
  11. This is the Wiccan Rede.
  12. Do what you will but do not do anything that would harm another.
  13. This is the law of our Creators and in this lies the whole of the law.

Chapter 13

  1. All are born of the Light and the Light is within each one of us.
  2. In this is the victory that overcomes the trials and tribulations of each incarnation.
  3. Faith in the attainment of Divine Perfection.
  4. For the Light knows Their children and have named each one and not one shall be lost.
  5. But all shall return to the Light.
  6. The Creators, in Their wisdom, have sent out Their children in groups.
  7. For it is not good that a soul must strive alone for the attainment of Perfection.
  8. That these groups shall receive strength amongst themselves and will have the access of knowledge and support.
  9. Therefore shall the Children of the Light not struggle alone.
  10. And between each incarnation shall there be a time for rest and reflection.
  11. And a time for acknowledging karmic debts that reparation for these debts may be made in following incarnations.
  12. Even so, all have been given free will by the Light, our Creators, and each soul shall exercise that freedom in that the times and experiences shall be decided upon by each soul to the agreement of the group.

Chapter 14

  1. Paganism is a path of love and joy.
  2. Pagans are more content, more happy and warm than those that do not have these doctrines.
  3. Much of it has to do with our empathy with nature.
  4. Pagans live hand-in-hand with nature.
  5. We are a part of nature, not separate from it.
  6. An animal is a brother or a sister, as is a tree. All have souls striving to reach Divine Perfection.
  7. We are a part of the natural order of things, not separate from it, not above it.
  8. There are many things that we can do, even in this day, that can bring us into a closer kinship with nature.
  9. Such as removing the shoes from your feet and walking upon the Mother Earth and letting Her energies flow up through your feet and into your body.
  10. Sitting against a large tree and allowing its energies to flow through you.
  11. For even these things, the Mother Earth, the animals we hold against us, and the trees we lean against...
  12. They give off vibrations and energies, and they flow through us and attune us more to the natural law of things.
  13. And in the same way that we attune ourselves with nature and become closer to it, so should we also create a special kinship with our other brothers and sisters.

Chapter 15

  1. You should not think that life exists here on this plane or reality only.
  2. For there are many worlds in the system of universes and in other reality systems as well.
  3. When one soul is finished with an incarnation, he or she may move on to another, and when reunited with their group, they may choose which world they should be reborn on or which system of reality they should be born into.
  4. Therefore, do not be limited in your thinking and beliefs that there is this one world only.
  5. For this is wrong, as We have said, there are many.

Chapter 16

  1. All should seek to do good.
  2. For it has been written, Whatsoever ye shall sow in this life shall be reaped in subsequent ones.
  3. Seek to do good, allow your words to be words which bring joy, move in love and walk the path of the Light.
  4. And in this way, we shall not only expand the Light within us but also share It with others who may have fallen short.
  5. In this way, let us be an example. For these are the proper steps to ensure enlightenment to the attainment of Perfection.
  6. It is true that an action or word can cut deep and bring sorrow to the heart and tears to the soul.
  7. These actions and words will need to be mended, just as the precious soul whose wound is deep must be mended.
  8. In all these things, life after life, seek to do that which brings love and peace.
  9. Just as We, your Lord and Lady, your God and Goddess, Mother and Father of all Life, seek to bring good, seek to bring peace and love to you.
  10. So shall you also share with others.
  11. Is it not true that you are the same spark,
  12. That blessed spark which came from the Light, brothers and sisters in life, one and all?
  13. There are those who have chosen the darkest paths, but not even them, they have not been forgotten of the Light.
  14. For the hopes and dreams the Light have for all Their children extend even to them and one day, even they shall return to the Light. No, not one shall be lost.
  15. Therefore should you not be able to live in peace or share the good things with one of your brothers or sisters; it is best to turn away from the situation so that peace may be kept and debts are not made.
  16. For in this way, there are groups of individuals that you would not come into conflict, one against the other, on your journey to Perfection.
  17. Again We say, seek to do that which is good.
  18. Let us remember that we are Divine, the royal essence of the Light. We are One.
  19. Those who seek enlightenment shall not read these words as words from a book only but shall meditate upon them, allowing these truths to touch the spark within them.
  20. And when the spark has been touched by half-forgotten knowledge, receded memories will once again be remembered and enlightenment shall dawn upon them.

Chapter 17

  1. Let one man not rule over the many...
  2. Causing the souls to believe in one thing or to disbelieve in another.
  3. Let one man not rule over the actions of many.
  4. For this would cause the many to experience those things of the one.
  5. Each individual must experience those things which are right and good for their personal karmic development.
  6. Let one man not say to the many, we shall only believe in this manner after this god or those gods, or we shall only celebrate specific events at special intervals or refrain from celebration at other times.
  7. Let one man not dictate and demand obedience to one doctrine. Let each individual choose the forms and the names of their higher powers.
  8. As each one is comfortable and finds peace in their chosen doctrines and gods, so let each one decide which path and belief is best for them.
  9. Do not allow that a man shall decide the actions and the thoughts of the many.
  10. No one soul should be forced to adhere to a certain set of doctrines.
  11. For dogma is merely a set of beliefs one follows on the journey and provides assistance and comfort along the way.
  12. As We know, there are the Creators, the Great Mother and the Great Father, and there are the First Born who are Gods and Goddesses.
  13. Let each one choose the doctrine which gives them the most comfort and assists in their spiritual growth.
  14. Every individual knows their own strengths and their weaknesses.
  15. Each has their own needs.
  16. Choose you that which is best for you, that which will assist in your journey towards Perfection and Divinity.

Chapter 18

  1. And in all things, forget not the law: An ye harm none, do what ye will.
  2. Do not put a block in another's path, nor tear them down by actions or words, but lift them up.
  3. Do not say one doctrine is wrong and another is right.
  4. Allow your brothers and sisters to believe as they choose and support their choice, even if you may disagree in their selection of doctrine.
  5. One doctrine should not demand such strict adherence that it brings the destruction of all others and takes choice away from an individual.
  6. Speak words that are familiar to them, especially in their times of sorrow or need.
  7. Help remove the blocks from the path of another. When the freedom of one is taken away, the freedoms of all are threatened.
  8. When the day is done, part in a peaceful manner with your brothers and sisters.
  9. All being lifted up by feelings of love and connection to the Light.
  10. Part in peace and let not the sun go down upon your wrath.
  11. When one has done a thing which might bring harm, discord, or a painful heart...
  12. Gently remind them the law of the Light, lifting them in love.
  13. Again We say, rejoice in the law and do not put it away from you.
  14. 14. And the one law that governs all: An ye harm none, do what ye will.

Chapter 19

  1. And you harm none, do what you will. This is the first and last law that is given to the children.
  2. And these that follow help fulfill the law.
  3. Do not lay violent hands on another unless it is in self-defense or in the defense of another.
  4. Do not provoke another's wrath where consuming hatred or violence is drawn causing one or the other to come to harm.
  5. Do not speak ill of the personal appearances and characteristics of others.
  6. These things are personal to them, they have been chosen for reasons of karma. In the same way, we have all chosen physical and emotional situations to best suit our karmic requirements.
  7. The tongue is sharp when left unbridled and can destroy, as well as heal.
  8. Words are powerful elements that can create and destroy.
  9. Do not purposely speak falsely of another.
  10. All turn an ear to hear the voice which is soft and pleasant, yet most all turn away from the loud voice and the harsh tongue.
  11. Do not seek to intentionally harm another or cause pain purposely by deed, word, or power.
  12. Should you come to harm by the deeds or powers of another or one purposely causes you pain, remember the law of karma:
  13. That which a person sends out shall return upon them. Whatsoever you sow, that shall you reap. That which you do to others shall be done to you.
  14. The law of karma is perfect and just.
  15. As a person standing before a mirror receives back their own reflection, so shall their deeds, words, and energies be reflected back to them.
  16. Until the Children of the Light learn the karmic law, they shall burden themselves with pain.

Chapter 20

  1. Do not judge others by appearances, ways of life, color, preferences, or characteristics. For each individual is on their own karmic level and path.
  2. What is right for one may not be right for another.
  3. Each decides what is needed for an incarnation.
  4. Each person is the way they are for personal reasons and reasons of karma. You should not apply the situations of another to your own incarnation.
  5. Every individual will eventually experience all things.
  6. Feelings and situations which are important to you now may not have been experienced previously.
  7. Spiritual growth and enlightenment comes through the many different circumstances chosen by the individual.
  8. As it has been said, We say again, Every individual will experience all things.
  9. Every experience and aspect of being, lesson learned, path taken, circumstances accepted and managed... all lead to the evolution of the Children of the Light.
  10. Therefore will every soul expand in knowledge and wisdom.
  11. Even to the Door of Enlightenment and Perfection.

Chapter 21

  1. Live, love, experience.
  2. Embrace each day, each experience, knowing that in doing so, you are living towards a fulfillment.
  3. Even in hard times, when days seem tiresome and nights are too long, endure all things, knowing that each experience is a victory.
  4. And every experience is a victory in that each brings you closer to the next level on the karmic wheel of birth, death, and rebirth.
  5. Be mindful of your actions.
  6. Showing yourself approved of your present incarnational level.
  7. Never moving backwards on the karmic wheel.
  8. But striving to move ever forward.

Chapter 22

  1. To those who have wronged you, if you release those debts, they shall be forgiven them.
  2. If you retain the debts against them that have wronged you, they shall not be forgiven. Then must they seek to pay the debts that their karma shall be made whole again.

Chapter 23

  1. Do not be a partaker of another's debts.
  2. Do not associate your karma with the karma of those who are weighted with debt and have not turned towards the Light.
  3. But try to keep your karma whole, that in time, you shall attain karmic purity.
  4. For only when we are karmically pure may we move into the Light.
  5. To be as One with our spiritual Mother and Father.
  6. Only when we are karmically pure can we break that seemingly endless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.
  7. Therefore, keep your eyes turned towards the Light.
  8. Let every action, thought, and word be a blessing to you and a beacon to those you meet along the way.
  9. Hold fast to the faithful words of the Mother and Father of All Life.
  10. And you harm none, do what you will.

Chapter 24

  1. When two people meet and they find love.
  2. If they decide to become one, then they should go before a Priest or Priestess who will perform the handfasting ceremony.
  3. And these two shall become one.
  4. Yet will they remain individuals.
  5. And the Priest or Priestess shall write a license of handfasting.
  6. And there shall be three copies.
  7. A copy, one for each of those who have come together for that ceremony.
  8. And a third copy to be kept by the Priest or Priestess.
  9. And should two people meet and find love.
  10. If there is no temple and no Priest or Priestess to perform the ceremony.
  11. Then shall these two perform the handfasting ceremony together upon an altar to the Light or to the God and Goddess.
  12. And there shall be written three licenses of handfasting.
  13. One for each of the individuals who have come together in this union.
  14. And the other given to a friend who will hold it safekeeping.
  15. And when these two come together, they shall not try to take the individuality away from the other.
  16. Although the two are one in this union of love.
  17. Yet are they still two.
  18. Each retaining their own individuality.
  19. Therefore should they accept each other in love and shall not seek to change the other.
  20. One should not pull one way and the other another way.
  21. Should there be disagreements, they shall sit together and discuss them and come to an arrangement.
  22. So shall the two keep their individuality, remaining themselves and not one becoming the other.
  23. And in this way, the two shall truly be one in love and life.
  24. And should these two be male and female.
  25. And to them children born.
  26. Then shall they raise the children in love, patience, kindness and understanding.
  27. And as a child grows, the parents shall allow the child to learn of all ways, of all things, of all lifestyles.
  28. In this way, the child will be able to make a more informed decision when he or she is older.
  29. The parents shall not force the child to believe in one way or the other.
  30. But shall allow the child to believe in those things which bring peace, love, and kindness to the heart and to the life, to the soul and to the individuality of the child.

Chapter 25

  1. When two people who have loved and gone before a Priest or Priestess for the Ceremony of Handfasting and have decided it would be best for them to part, then shall they go before a Priest or Priestess for the Ceremony of Handparting.
  2. And when these two go before the Priest or Priestess, they shall take with them, each of them, their copies of the handfasting.
  3. And the Priest or Priestess shall sit in council with this couple to help them decide in a just way in the parting of their possessions.
  4. And should this couple have children, then shall the Priest or Priestess sit in council with the couple and help them to manage the time and the seasons that each shall spend with the child.
  5. When the Priest or Priestess has decided that the couple has discussed all things and have made arrangements to the benefit of both partners and the children, should there be any children involved.
  6. Then shall the Priest or Priestess take the copies of the handfasting to the altar and there two copies of the handfasting shall be burnt upon the altar.
  7. And the Ceremony of Handparting shall be performed by the Priest or Priestess.
  8. And the couple shall be handparted and they shall go their way friends, not enemies, companions in experiences well spent.
  9. And when these things have been done, the High Priest or High Priestess shall write a paper of handparting and shall attach it to the priestly copy of the handfasting and these shall be kept within the order of the priesthood.

Chapter 26

  1. And all our people shall strive to obey the laws of the land.
  2. In each country and in each state.
  3. Everyone should try to obey the laws that have been set down.
  4. In this way, the people shall live in peace and harmony with those around them.
  5. And the law shall be to protect those who abide by the law.
  6. Therefore, all should raise their children to abide by the law, to respect the law, and when they are older, they shall not depart from these things which they have learned.

Chapter 27

  1. The sons and daughters of the Mother Earth shall respect the Great Mother, the Holy Crone.
  2. Everyone shall do what is possible in their power to protect the Great Mother Earth.
  3. For it is She who gives us life
  4. Therefore, should one of a species be in danger, you should do all that you can to save, to protect, to allow for regrowth of that species.
  5. When you sow seeds upon the Earth for food.
  6. And it is time to bring in the harvest.
  7. Do not take the entire harvest for yourselves.
  8. But leave some for the Mother Earth and for the other creatures.
  9. That they also shall partake of the bounty that the Mother Earth has given so freely.
  10. And should you have to clear the land on which to build your homes...
  11. Be careful not to take away that which you do not truly need to destroy.
  12. Leave that which is not a hindrance to you.
  13. And should you have to take more than you feel the Mother Earth can bear...
  14. Then in the place of those things which you have taken, replant and give the Earth back what has been taken from Her.
  15. Do not poison the Mother Earth.
  16. In all ways respect the Mother Earth and Her trees and Her waters and all Her lands. For it is She who gives life.
  17. And Her creatures shall enjoy a life and be able to fulfill the karma that is needed on their journeys.
  18. Again We say, respect the Mother Earth and do not bring Her to unnecessary harm.

Chapter 28

  1. And should the sons and daughters of the Earth need to kill for food.
  2. Then they should only kill that which they can eat.
  3. Do not destroy life without cause.
  4. Do not take life unnecessarily, all are evolving towards Perfection.
  5. And the sons and daughters of the Earth shall not go out to hunt and kill for sport...
  6. For this is a malicious hatred visited upon the creatures who live their lives and their karmas.
  7. And again, the sons and daughters of the Earth shall not go out to hunt just for the sake of killing...
  8. Unless the creature which is killed shall be eaten for food and nourishment.
  9. Those individual creatures which are killed and not eaten shall be those creatures which are killed in the defense of others.
  10. Or those creatures which are a pest to the crops and destroy or take the food away from those who are in need of food.
  11. And those creatures that can be killed are the creatures that may cause harm and those creatures which sting and bite.
  12. Those creatures which destroy or cause illness.
  13. These creatures, if they happen upon your path, then you may destroy them.
  14. But do not go out seeking them in their private homes.
  15. Where they are of no harm to others.
  16. Again We say unto you, those creatures which you must destroy for food, destroy in a manner which will bring the least amount of pain.
  17. And then respect the bodies and do not allow an abomination of them.

Chapter 29

  1. Let each individual live according to the Spirit of the Light, proving itself by love, kindness, patience, and joy of life.
  2. Give devotion daily to the Light, our God and Goddess, and the Lords and Ladies, to be renewed by Their Spirits and Powers.
  3. For we are the Children of the Light and the Spirits of our God and Goddess dwell within each of us.
  4. And They have given us the spirit of life and joy, of love and victory.
  5. And the promise of our spiritual Mother and Father...
  6. That They shall not lose one of Their children, but all shall be victorious and will return to the Light from whence all have come.
  7. In that promise we find love and peace.
  8. And in that promise is our strength and victory.

Chapter 30

  1. With the end of an incarnation, the individual who passes over to side will find the comforts of their group members awaiting them.
  2. And after their initial greeting from the group, any loved ones, instructors that might come over to meet the individual who has passed on to the otherside...
  3. Then shall the individual go to the resting place of that group.
  4. And the individual shall sleep and rest.
  5. And during this rest, the incarnational memories, pain, suffering, desires...all of these shall be slept away.
  6. And when the soul has slept and the incarnational memories have been put away, then shall that soul be ready to learn.
  7. And the group shall go with that soul that has passed over and meet with the instructors that they may learn of the past incarnation, its experiences and lessons.
  8. And after the soul has learned all that can be learned from the experiences and lessons of the last life, then may the group plan on the next incarnation of each member of that group.
  9. And therefore the cycle of life, birth, death, and rebirth can continue until all the souls have attained Perfection and may go into the Light.

Chapter 31

  1. And the soul in an incarnation shall live, love, and experience to the end of its fulfillment.
  2. Every experience is a lesson learned. Every desire, moment of pain...all of these help fulfill the incarnational cycle.
  3. Therefore shall a soul enter into a new body and learn all that may be learned, except all of those things which have been planned and designed by the soul for further spiritual growth and for the fulfillment of the entire group's goal as a whole...towards the attainment of Perfection.
  4. And the soul shall not take the life of that incarnation, but shall live to the end of the fulfillment.
  5. Those souls which take their own lives have learned nothing and must take all of those things which are not accepted (emotions, pains, impatience, circumstances, unfulfilled desires), into the spiritual world to learn in a place of confinement, away from one's group.
  6. And only until all of these things are learned may the soul be released to rejoin the group.
  7. For only after the soul has learned those lessons which must be learned and returned to the group can they continue on in their journey towards Perfection.
  8. Again We say, do not take your life. For it will only add to the lessons to be learned, experiences to be experienced.
  9. But live the life to the end of its fulfillment and the cycle shall not be interrupted.

Chapter 32

  1. The Children of the Earth, of the Light, should be aware of the world around them, of the governments, of the laws governing their state.
  2. Everyone should become active and knowledgeable of the political system within their government. In this way, the government is more aware of its people and shall not take away their liberties and their freedom.
  3. Everyone shall respect and utilize the system.
  4. Everyone should become an active voter.
  5. Let not the government be ruled by one.
  6. The ruling government shall be made up of peoples from all walks of life.
  7. And in this way ensure that all people within the government or living under the political system shall have justice and shall be counted among the citizens of that government.

Chapter 33

  1. Age upon age, the Children of the Light have evolved in physical form from creature to creature.
  2. And that evolution has moved the children into higher forms throughout the ages. From the first spark to the present.
  3. The Children of the Light have taken this form of man as a higher form of their evolving nature in their journey towards Perfection and the Light.
  4. And so shall it be until the end of the fulfillment of the Light.
  5. And when it has come that the last spark, the last soul, has left the Light on its journey in each incarnation to the fulfillment of its evolution.
  6. Then shall the evolving forms on this plane of existence be likened unto those forms on the spiritual plane.
  7. Until the forms are identical, having no opposites, but are balanced like unto like, spiritual and physical.
  8. Yet even this shall not be the end. For the Light shall make a new creation and all the souls who have throughout eternity of those ages becoming Perfect, even they shall live again in the Perfect Creation of the Light.

Chapter 34

  1. Even so, the Children of the Light shall not sit and wonder after those things, for the millennia shall be many before these things shall come to pass.
  2. Therefore shall the Children of the Light think on those things of the present for their evolvement to Perfection, and for their next incarnation after the attainment of those things needed in the present incarnation.
  3. For this knowledge is given to the Children of the Light that they might know it but not sit and wonder after it. For these are the secrets of the Gods and man shall not truly understand them until it is given to them by the Gods. Selah. So shall it be.
  4. For truly when that time has come upon the Earth, and this plane of existence, that it shall merge, becoming one with the spiritual plane...
  5. All souls will have evolved into a higher spiritual form and even this plane shall be of a higher spiritual form...
  6. Then shall all know the time is upon them for the rebirth of every living being. Selah. So shall it be.

Chapter 35

  1. And the Children of the Light shall work rites to attune themselves with the rhythms of life forces which are marked by the phases of the moon and the seasonal times and cross-times.
  2. The Children of the Light shall believe in the creative forces which are called the Light. That the Light is dual, both male and female, God and Goddess, Father and Mother.
  3. The Children of the Light shall study to understand the outer world and the inner world, the physical world and the spiritual world.
  4. There shall not be one leader only for doctrines and religions; but there shall be leaders, teachers, councils and students.
  5. Everyone is growing, expanding, and journeying towards the Light.
  6. No one is greater than the other.
  7. The Children of the Light shall live to the fulfillment of life in the continuation of evolution as they journey towards Perfection; where they may enter into the Light and once again become One with the Mother and Father of all life.
  8. The Children of the Light shall not teach their children of the existence of absolute evil, nor fill their minds with tormenting fear which shall grow with them into adulthood.
  9. But the parents of the children shall teach the children wisely, filling them with love of the Light, love of God and Goddess, Father and Mother.
  10. The Children of the Light should seek within themselves and within those around them, should seek in nature, that which will help in their growth and development, in their health and well-being.

Chapter 36

  1. The Master Council has chosen individuals, grouping them together, and a group may be as few as five or as many as thirty.
  2. And within each group shall be subgroups.
  3. There may be as few as two in a subgroup or as many as ten individuals.
  4. And these groups shall journey together through birth, death, and rebirth, supporting one another; and the members of the subgroups shall be helpmates on the journey to Perfection.
  5. Groups may come together and become associate group members, one to the other, and in this way lend wisdom and assistance to its associate group.
  6. For the Light, our Creators, have said, It is not good that an individual should go out alone on the journey to Perfection, therefore shall We send out groups of individuals to be support and help, one for the other.
  7. And the souls in the group shall remain together, level by level, on the journey to Perfection.
  8. Should one individual fall by the way, not seeking karmic purity or the Light, the remaining group members shall remain at that level until the one returns to the path to Perfection, the way of the Light.

Chapter 37

  1. No individual is higher or better than others. For while in the body, each individual is subject to karmic debt and imperfection.
  2. No individual shall be esteemed more than others. For each is on a different level, working towards Perfect Divinity, each subject to the same karmic laws as the others who are incarnated.

Chapter 38

  1. From the Light came every soul that exists, each being a child of the Light, created by the Light.
  2. And the Light, our Creators, choose well, deciding which souls shall be grouped together, grouped and subgrouped.
  3. Each group having its age and times to leave the Light to begin its journey towards Perfection.
  4. And each soul is a spark of the Light, each soul being one part of the whole.
  5. As the souls leave the Light, they carry away with them into the journey the very essence, the very being of the Light.
  6. Therefore is the Light divided into many, as each soul strives towards that one goal, to experience all things level upon level until Perfected Divinity is achieved.
  7. Even so, the Light is divided into many, yet it is still One. For the Creators in the beginning spoke the words and said, They shall all return, for We shall not lose one. Therefore shall We place within them a part of Us.
  8. And the Light spoke saying, They carry with them parts of Our Being, therefore from this time shall We not again be complete until they have returned unto Us.
  9. And the words They spoke were with the same authority, powers, and intensity with which They used to create the universe and all things.

Chapter 39

  1. As it has been said, all things within creation are living and have spirits.
  2. And as all things are living, so it follows that all things are vibrational.
  3. Everything has its own vibration, those things which are visible and those things which are invisible, the animate and the inanimate, spiritual and physical.
  4. Let it be known that upon the physical plane, the vibrations are slow, but upon the spiritual plane, the vibrations are higher, faster.
  5. The higher and faster a vibration, the more invisible it becomes until the vibration is so high that it can neither be seen nor touched.
  6. Such is the ritual of the ancient priests.
  7. Who took the cord and placed upon it a knot of metal at one end then swinging it above their heads faster and faster.
  8. Until the cord became almost invisible.
  9. And with this cord swinging faster about the head of the priest or priestess, the group about would say the prayers.
  10. And so it was believed that the prayers rising through the swinging cord would be swept up in the swift vibrations and carried swiftly to the realm of the Lords and Ladies.
  11. This is true. The spiritual realm has the higher vibration. The physical realm has a slower vibration. And below that is even a slower vibration in the realm which was created by the malicious spirits for themselves.
  12. A place of lower vibrations in accord with the lower, malicious, mundane entities that dwell within that realm. And the realm of the malicious dwell deep within the planets, the suns, and the stars at the very centers of each with their vibrations so slow, concentrated, compacted and imperceptible.

Chapter 40

  1. When the Children of the Light dwelling within physical bodies wish to bring changes about in accordance with their will, they must move upon the vibrational levels, changing their own psychic vibrations to match those of the spiritual in order to create changes.
  2. And in all things, whatever you do seeking to control situations or circumstances, creating, reversing or bringing about change in accordance with one's will...
  3. Remember to work with the natural laws and not against them, with the laws of Light and not against them.
  4. And in doing so you shall not bring about a debt or cause a thing to happen which you will later regret.
  5. And when one has worked the work to bring about the changes, it must be remembered that all thought forms are vibrations.
  6. Vibrations of negativity, vibrations of positive sent out in the forms of thoughts shall work with one's power, shall join with the work that has been done beforehand.
  7. Remember to keep one's thought forms in a positive light, sending out positive vibrations to continue the work that has been done.
  8. Just as the words spoken can create or destroy, bring about health or sickness, so are the thought forms sent out from the Children of the Light.

Chapter 41

  1. Except an individual be born, reborn and again reborn, until the soul is perfected, it may not enter into the Light of Lights.
  2. Do not be as the lost ones, the malicious individuals, who have forgotten the goal of life...
  3. They who wander the spiritual realms not being reborn,
  4. They who seek to cause confusion, and fear, and perform deeds of mischief and malice with wicked ones on the physical planes.
  5. These are paths of wasted experiences and times, for the individual and for the groups attached to them.
  6. And when their wanderings are finished and they again return to the path that leads to Perfection,
  7. They shall know sorrow within themselves, that they have detained the groups and subgroups attached to them.
  8. Therefore live by the law of the Light, harming none, and should harm come to another by your actions or words;
  9. Pay those debts as soon as possible.
  10. And in this way, the group shall excel in the path of Light being reborn and when times are finished...
  11. The group shall enter the Light of Lights, joyfully, together, to receive the rewards of Perfected Divinity.
  12. Here receive the blessings of the Ancient Ones: May your life and your lives to come be in the service of the Light, our Creators, the Mother and Father of All Life. Selah.

Chapter 42

  1. At the end of our ages and cycles of ages, then shall the divine plan of our Creators come to pass.
  2. That the physical realms and the spiritual realms shall merge, becoming one.
  3. Then shall the souls be grown to maturity, each having attained Perfection, and having gone into the Light.
  4. And each soul shall become again physical yet shall be spiritual.
  5. The evolution of creation shall be exalted to the highest and each soul shall take on the characteristics of the Light of Lights.
  6. The worlds shall likewise evolve, and there shall be nothing that has been made that does not evolve into the divine plan of merging realities.
  7. In an instant, a twinkling of the eye, and individual may take spiritual form and transport from world to world, or even to the thrones of the Light.
  8. Then just as swiftly return to physical form.
  9. There shall be no poverty or sickness, no hunger or death.
  10. Peace, love and trust shall rule for a cycle of Light; that is to say forty-five billion years.
  11. When the cycle of Light is complete and the Light of Light overflows again with new souls;
  12. Then shall the Mother and Father of all create a new space within the universe, where the young souls may begin their incarnational journeys toward Perfection.
  13. The perfected souls of the previous ages shall be teachers, protectors, and guardians of the young.
  14. And the ages and cycles of ages shall start anew.
  15. And creation shall evolve, and the souls shall rejoice knowing that the promise of the Light is theirs to claim and again Their vow...
  16. That not one soul shall be lost, but all shall attain Divine Perfection, and return to the Mother and Father, the Light of Lights.

Chapter 43

  1. And the Children of the Light shall have four Greater Sabbats and four Lesser Sabbats in the cycle of a year and in these sabbats they shall be joyous. And these festivals shall be for the bringing together of the Children of the Light, for the celebration of peace, love, knowledge and worship. And these sabbats are as follows:
  2. Samhain Also called Halloween and the Feast of the Disincarnates. May be celebrated on October 31st or on the first full moon of Scorpio. This is a Great Sabbat, also a fire festival. On the day and night of this Sabbat, the gates are open between the planes and angles, between the physical and the spiritual. The color for this festival Sabbat is orange.
    • Prayer for Samhain
      Great Creators, Light of the Light, Mother and Father of the Lords and Ladies, Thank you for the Blessed Assurance, the promise that not one shall be lost, but all shall return to You. We also thank You for caring for our loved ones as they have passed over from incarnate to disincarnate, and ask for Your continued care until their time of rebirth, even to the end of the Age when they shall return to You in Perfect peace and love. Blessed be the Light.
  3. Imbolc Also called Candlemas Brigantia. It is the Feast of the Light, Feast of the Creators. It can be held on February 1st or may be celebrated on the first full moon of Aquarius. It is a Great Sabbat. The colors are white and gold.
    • Prayer for Imbolc
      All Hail, our Lady of Light. Blessed be the Mother Goddess. All Hail, our Lord of Light. Blessed be the Father God.
  4. Beltane Also called Walpurgis and May Day, or Lady Day. It is held on May 1st or can be celebrated on the first full moon of Taurus. It is also a festival honoring all those who have attained Perfection and have gone into the Light. This is also the Pagan New Year. It is a Great Sabbat. The color is dark green.
    • Prayer for Beltane
      Blessed Goddess and God, Mother and Father of Light and Life. Another year of the Age has passed and the beginning of the New Year is come. At this time we honor all who have reached the fulfillment, who have attained Perfected Divinity and returned to the Light of all Light. Keep us always in remembrance of those who have become Perfect Light and Love, that we may ever reach for that same goal. Blessed be those whose Light burns without a flicker. Blessed be those who are One with the Light.
  5. Lammas It is the Festival of the Fulfillment of Birth, Death, and Rebirth. It is a Great Sabbat. It is held on August 1st or can be celebrated on the first full moon of Leo. The colors are light pastels and bright yellows.
    • Prayer for Lammas
      Mother and Father of Light and Life. You have given us the Gift of Birth, Death, and Rebirth, to the end of the fulfillment. Your patience and love is everlasting as You await each soul to return to Your Perfect Light. Your plan is our Divine Hope, Your love is our strength. Blessed be the Light.
  6. Yule Also the Winter Solstice. It is a Lesser Sabbat held about December 21st. This is a ceremonial festival to the Mysteries of Rest. The time of shedding the old and preparing for the new, for the souls and for the Earth. The color is purple.
    • Prayer for Winter Solstice
      Now is the time of Rest for our Mother Earth. Let us remember that all must rest before rebirth. All must shed the Old before preparing for the New. Blessed be the Light in Its infinite wisdom and Perfection. As the phoenix rose, so shall all after rest. Blessed be the Light.
  7. Spring Equinox A Lesser Sabbat held about March 21st. This is the Ceremonial Festival of Rebirth, Life, Planting Seeds and the Transmigration of Souls. The color is light green.
    • Prayer for Spring Equinox
      All glory and praise to our Goddess. Blessed be the Mother Earth and Elements. All glory and praise to our God. Blessed be the Father Sky and Elements. Now is the time of the spring, rebirth, and new beginnings. As we plant the Seeds of Life, of Hope and Desire, nourish with Your love and care all that we sow. Let every seed grow to maturity and perfection. Let every seed prosper by the powers of our Mother and Father, our Goddess and God.
  8. Summer Solstice A Lesser Sabbat held about June 22. It is the Festival of Learning, Growth, and Passion. The color is white.
    • Prayer for Summer Solstice
      Blessed be the Mother and Father of all life. Blessed be the Karmic Wheel of Evolution and of Cycles. Help us to ever remain faithful to the gathering of knowledge and experience, to growth and the fulfillment of our own Karmic Evolution. Let our passion for love and life, peace and Light be renewed this night. Selah. So be it.
  9. Autumn Equinox This is a Lesser Sabbat held about September 21st. This is the Festival to the Harvest, to the Attainment of Perfection and Merging with the Light. The color is red.
    • Prayer for Autumn Equinox
      Wise and just are the Karmic Laws, Perfect are the God and Goddess. Let us give thanks for the Harvest of Food and Life, for the reaping of all we have sown. We shall harvest our own, the Rose and the Thorn, the Wheat and the Chaff. As it is written that which they sow shall be reaped by them. Let us count each as experience on the path of our Evolutional Wheel.

Chapter 44

  1. Let it be known that all the Earth and all that is within it, those things that can be seen and those things that are invisible, have vibrations and life within themselves.
  2. And among these are the Elements: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.
  3. And these Elements are powers to be used, summoned by the Children of the Light.
  4. Beware not to abuse the powers of the Elements, for they are with a mind yet without a spirit. They make decisions and they work amongst themselves.
  5. And so it is with the spirits and powers of all within the Earth.
  6. But of the Elements, let it be known they have their ways and these that follow shall help you to work with them and not against them.

Chapter 45

  1. And all creation has been given to you to be a help in your daily life.
  2. As it has been said, one must work with all things of nature and not against them.
  3. Use these things that are given of the Light but do not abuse them.
  4. Also is given unto the Children of the Light the stars with which they may tell direction, with which they may read at times of birth to get the vibrational pull of each soul and be able to heal the mind and the body by the stars. All of these things are given by the Light to help the Children of the Light. Use them in wisdom.
    • Prayer to The Mother
      Grant, Oh Divine Mother, my Goddess, that I may ever cherish Your wisdom and Your ways. That I ever may walk the path leading to Perfection, and grant that no member of my group shall ever stray from Your path.
    • Prayer to The Father
      Grant, Oh Divine Father, my God, that I may always strive to perform those things needed for my karmic growth and Perfection, and grant me strength and patience to fulfill them.
  5. Pagan Prayers
    • Hail Holy Mother, Queen of the Earth. Hail our Life and our Breath. To You we sing hymns of love and praise. For You we unite in one voice, chanting worshipful words of healing and blessing. From Your Loam were we born and to Your richness shall we return to be reborn again. Blessed be the Mother. Blessed be the Light.
    • Lords and Ladies, Gods and Goddesses, First Born of the Light bless all I lay my hands to. Bless my days and nights, Beloved of the Light. Help me to ever look towards the Light and keep my karma from debt. Selah.
    • Perfect love and perfect trust. Blessed be the Light. Blessed be the Mother and Father of all Life. Selah.
    • East-Air and North-Earth, birth, death and rebirth. West-Water and South-Fire, Perfected Divinity is my desire. Selah.
    • We believe in the Omnipotent Creators, the Mother and Father of all Life, Who have no beginning and no end, Who are and ever will be the Light of Lights.
    • We believe in the First Born of the Light, the Lords and the Ladies, the Ancient Ones, Gods and Goddesses of the Light; Who came to earth, incarnating, life after life, and Who are the first to attain Perfected Divinity and returned to the Light of Lights.
    • We believe in reincarnation, the transmigration of souls, for all. For the Light has said, "It matters not how many incarnations it takes for the soul to reach Perfection, one or one hundred." And the Light has said, "Not one soul shall be lost, but all of Our Children shall return unto Us."
    • We believe in the Pagan Temple, first founded by the Light in nature, in the earth, in all living things.
    • We believe in the Wiccan Rede: An ye harm none, do as ye will.
    • We believe in the Pagan Scriptures, the Laws of Karma, in obeying the laws of our government and state, and we believe in protecting our Mother, the Earth. Blessed be the Light.
    • May I ever live by the Wiccan Rede: An ye harm none, do as ye will.
  6. Prayers for Spell Working
    • By Earth and Water, by Fire and Air: Baneful Spirits are trapped in my Magic Lair. Malicious Powers and Vibrations bane: Return this Moment from Whence you came. By Goddess and God, by Eternal Light: I banish all creatures of destruction and blight... Rada Emu Kastra Vek Mandra Ranu Ke Bratek. Kelstrom palee Vendra Kuu Rada Emu Kastra tuu. Ahashic Powers ring the Astral Bell And set in motion this Magic Spell. Negativity be far removed from Me; As my Will, so mote it be. Rada Emu Kastra Vek Mandra Ranu Ke Bratek. Kelstrom palee Vendra Kuu Rada Emu Kastra tuu. Water and Air, Magic's Might; Fire and Earth, this Spell takes flight... Work the Will for which I pray: Rada Ranu Emu Bray. Rostro pelee vigla Rom peglee Vika Vostro Strom. As my will so mote it be. Perform these things I ask of Thee. Kelko Veeto Tel Vebron Do not rest till it is done.
    • Mother Earth and Salty Brine, heal this Karmic Wound of mine. Volcanic Ash and fiery flame, Pay the debt and cease the pain - Till I come 'round again. Queen of Seas and water cool, Lend to me Thy Mystic Tool - To cleanse me in the Magic Pool. Spirits and powers of the Air Remove my debts and end my cares. Akasha Kay Tayro Melee Krak Akasha Tel Kay Kee. This Mighty Spell can now begin - The Karmic Wheel begins to spin Dissolve my debts from start to end. Krak Akasha Tel Kay Kee - As my will, so mote it be.


For we are a part of the Infinite Cycle

PAGAN SCRIPTURES Copyright 1997 & 1998 by Charles Baize & Nolan Reichle All rights reserved.